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  • Ocean Radiating World Shipping Services LLC ( also known as ‘ORWSS’) is a fully-fledged shipping management company that intends to bring all the various specialized services under one roof with the concept of fully managing a vessel.

  • ORWSS would not only be responsible for fully managing a vessel, but it will also offer agency and crew services along with quality and safety management.

  • The market analysis shows that this objective of fully managing vessels under one roof would give the company a competitive edge, thereby attracting more clients while gaining trust.

  • ORWSS intends to be fully transparent and open in its deals with clients

  • It aims to give clients full access to the accounts of their vessels, which may ultimately lead to increased trust and confidence between both parties.

  • ORWSS has formulated a team of experts to deal competently with daily operations as part of ship management in the most professional manner conforming to the international standards and the MLC requirements.

  • ORWSS believes in the philosophy of passionately working under a highly ethical and compliant framework. Its actions are firmly oriented toward forming long-term partnerships with clients and to make a strong mark in the industry.






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Ocean Radiating World Shipping Services LLC (ORWSS)

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